Karen Trawick
4th and 5th Grade
This is me...


Satsuma High School- 2007

Faulkner State 2009- A.S in Elementary Education

University of West Florida 2012- B.A in Elementary Education and Special Education


I am entering my seventh year of teaching. My teaching experience includes pre-school, 1st grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. This is my fourth year teaching at North Mobile Christian School.


My name is Karen Trawick and I am a born again Christian. In 2010, I married my wonderful husband, Justin. We have two amazing daughters, Nora and Mattie. I also have two dogs (Lucy and Bear), one cat (Kit Kat), and A LOT of chickens. My family and I attend Redemption Church. Teaching is my passion! I count it a blessing to teach children at North Mobile Christian School.

Monday Instructional Videos

5-11 Bible

5-11 Spelling

5-11 ELA

4th grade math 5-11-20

science 5-11

Tuesday Instructional Videos

5-12 Bible Lesson

5-12 ELA

5-5 ELA

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Wednesday Instructional Videos

5-13 Language

4th grade Math Wednesday 5-13-20

Wednesday Science 5-13-20

Thursday Instructional Videos

Math 5-14

5-5 History

Math 5-12-20