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October 7th

Bible October 7th

Math October 7th

Social Studies October 7th

October 6th

Spelling Workbook pp.4-5

Language Go! Go!

Phonics Letters and Sounds p.22

Bible October 6th

October 5th

Spelling List 2

Phonics p.21

Bible October 5th

Social Studies October 5th

Math October 5th

September 30th

Phonics September 30th

Spelling Puzzle 1

Bible September 30th

Social Studies September 30th

September 29th

Phonics September 29th

Language Questions Reteach 12

Writing Test 4 and Reading Jim Had a Big Hit!

Bible September 29th

September 28th

Bible September 28th

Phonics Letters and Sounds p.17

September 24th

Bible September 24th

Math September 24th

Social Studies September 24th

September 23rd

Language p.5 and p.9

Bible September 23rd

Treasure Book pp.58 - 63 Run! Jump! Swim!

September 22nd

Phonics p.14 September 22

Language "Dog Days"

Math September 22nd

Reading Treasure Book pp.44-56 I Can! Can You?

Bible September 22nd

September 10th

Bible September 10th

Reading September 10th

Math September 10th

Social Studies September 10th

Phonics September 10th

Distance Learning Videos

September 9th

Phonics Test Review September 9th

Reading September 9th

Bible September 9th

Social Studies September 9th

September 8th

Bible September 8th

Reading September 8th

Phonics September 8th

Math September 8th

Language 8th