Amber Threadgill

Middle School History


This is me...


I have a B.S in Secondary Education and History from the University of South Alabama. I graduated with an honors diploma.


I have taught for 10 years; 4 at Satsuma Christian and 5 at NMCS. I left my job as media specialist here at NMCS when I had my second daughter and stayed at home for 18 months. I then worked for Redemption Church MDO, where I worked with one year olds. I am thrilled to be starting my sixth year back teaching history!


Hello! My name is Amber Threadgill and I am the history teacher and lead teacher of Middle School at NMCS this year! I am thrilled to be teaching your awesome kiddos this year, and I'm looking forward to meeting all my new students and parents. A few personal things about me: I am happily married to my husband Kevin (we've been married 11 years) and we have three beautiful daughters (10, 7, and 4). We live nearby with our dog Lulu Belle (a proper Southern name, right?). I love music; my husband and I met in the symphony band/pep band at South, and we both still love to play. I am an active member of the Mobile Pops, and I enjoy everything about performing (except maybe the practicing). I am also a member of Redemption Church, and have been since I was 19 years old  (so a long time). And while my passion may be my family and my music, I am so blessed to be called to teach. Thank you for trusting your student with us!

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