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5th Grade Handbook (Danielle Stacey) 8/14/2018


Fifth Grade Handbook








North Mobile Christian School




Mrs. Stacey


Mrs. Trawick








Please keep this information booklet for future reference.




Dear Parents,


Welcome! We are very excited about the new school year and the opportunity to be a part of your child’s success here at North Mobile Christian School. In 5th grade, your child will be switching classes for different subjects. Mrs. Stacey is your child’s homeroom teacher. She teaches Bible, Spelling, Math, Science, and Reading. Mrs. Trawick teaches History and Language. Listed below are procedures and information that will help make this a wonderful year for your child.


Goal Sheets and School Bulletins: Every Friday you will receive a Tentative Goal sheet for the following week. The goal sheet will provide information regarding what your child is learning in class and test schedules for the week. Please review the goal sheet each week with your child. Any information coming from the office will also go home on Friday. Daily assignments can be found on the school webpage at by clicking on “School Staff”, choosing the correct teacher name from the list provided, and then clicking “Assignments. We do our best to update this daily. Goal sheets will only go home throughout the 1st semester. Starting in January, students in 5th grade will no longer receive goal sheets.


Test Paper Folders: Test paper folders will be sent home every other Tuesday. In the folder you will find test papers from the prior week. If any test scores are lower than a 70 please initial. Test folders should be returned no later than Wednesday.


Parent/Teacher Communication: Working together by keeping the doors of communication open will benefit everyone. We will be in close contact with you over the year discussing the success of your child. If you should need to contact us, we will be available during our P.E time. Please email, send a note, or call the school office and leave a message to schedule a conference.


Our email: and


Conduct: Rules and procedures will be taught the first week of school. A conduct book will be kept in each classroom and a conduct calendar will be kept in your child’s binder. Everyone begins each Monday morning with 100 points in conduct. The teacher will issue conduct marks as needed. All conduct marks will be logged in both the conduct book and the child’s calendar. The calendar will go home with the child every day in their binder and must be returned to school every day. Conduct calendars must be initialed by a parent or guardian every day. These weekly conducts grades will be averaged for quarterly grades. Please also refer to the Student/Family Handbook.


Absent Students: When students are absent, it is their responsibility to get the work they missed. We would encourage parents to call in the morning and let us know if the student’s work can be picked up after 2:00 p.m. If work is not picked up, the students will have a folder in the room and anything they missed will be placed in the folder for their return. If more than one day is missed, please call for assignments, or go to the school’s website and print out the daily assignments. If a test was given on the day the student missed, it must be taken when they return. Tests are planned well in advance so there are no surprises.


Binders: Students are responsible for keeping up with their binders and keeping them tidy. Binders will go home every day and must be returned to school every day. In the binder, students will have dividers for each subject. We will set these up together in class on the first day of school. You will keep all papers for that subject in order in the correct section. We will have binder checks throughout the year.


Math: Math tests will be given upon completion of each chapter. Students will have a tabbed section in their binder with all assignments and worksheets. Quizzes and timed speed drills will be given and counted as daily grades. Students will also have a Math Journal for taking notes and writing down example problems. Students must have their Math Journal in class each day.


Spelling: Students will be required to keep a tabbed section in their binder for spelling. Spelling words will be written weekly. Workbook pages must be completed and will be graded each week. Spelling tests will be given every Friday.


Language: After discussing and completing daily lessons, students will be given an assignment. Language tests will be given after each unit. Students will complete a minimum of 2 writing assignments per quarter. They will keep a journal of each concept learned.


History: Students will be given daily assignments through various activities that will be graded and used as reviews for upcoming tests. We will cover the beginning of our country to Reconstruction of the south after the Civil War. We will test after each chapter in our History books. We will complete many hands- on projects throughout the year.


Science: Students will have a section in their binder for Science for review questions and notes from each chapter. We will usually test on only two lessons at a time unless we a covering a short chapter. Students will participate in a number of class group projects and experiments.


Reading: We will focus on comprehension and vocabulary. This year we will use a variety of material and curriculum to teach. Students will read from their reading textbook and also from teacher picked novels. Reading vocabulary will be assigned to coincide with the stories we are reading and discussing. These will be kept in the reading section of their binder and also a reading folder. Reading activities will be completed with each story and graded. Reading tests will be given accordingly. Students are also required to read Accelerated Reading Books independently. They are required to read at least five books per quarter. Their top five Accelerated Reading grades will be averaged and count as one test grade per quarter.


Bible: Students will have a Bible section in their binder in which they will write their memory verses and study questions. There will be grades given for memory verses as assigned. Workbook activities will also be graded and Bible Quizzes weekly.


Homework: Students are responsible for writing down all homework assignments. Homework assignments will be posted in the classroom. Any assigned work not finished in class must also be taken home to be completed and turned in the next day. Homework must be turned in by the assigned due date. No homework will be given on Wednesdays.


Late Work:


Homework/Daily Assignments


No late homework is accepted, unless the student was absent, in that case they have the number of days absent to complete the homework. If homework/daily work is not turned in by the due date it will automatically result in a zero.




If a project or paper is turned in late, ten points will be deducted from the child’s grade each day until the assignment is turned in. The grade results in a zero when the paper or project is five days late.




As you can see this is going to be a very busy year. New challenges will be faced and conquered. Your child’s success is very important to me and we will do everything we can to work on an individual basis with your child to help them meet their success. Again, let us say how important it is to keep the doors of communication open. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any and all concerns that may arise throughout the school year.


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s learning experience.


We are praying for a great year!


Mrs. Stacey and Mrs. Trawick