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Goal Sheet 

Second Grade Goal Sheet

Week of January 14th



1.       clown

2.       growl

3.       howl

4.       brown

5.       crown

6.       round

7.       loud

8.       cloud

9.       house

10.   sound

11.   pause

12.   fault

13.   listen

14.   several

15.   wind

16.   burrow

17.   ranger’s

18.   warning

19.   distant

20.   beyond

21.   lengthy

Test: January 18th


Bible Story: Lesson 15: Moses Speaks to Pharaoh/Lesson 16: Moses’ Great Responsibility

Bible Verse: I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.
11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalms 119:10-11

Vocabulary: Responsibility, Talent

Character Trait: Self-Control, Responsibility

Test: Jan. 25th- Lesson 15 & 16 Memory Verse

** Be able to identify who and what each one did throughout Lesson 15-16

Aaron, Moses, the people, Pharaoh, God



-Identify diphthong (special sounds) /ou/ ow, ou

-change initial and final sounds to build create new words

-blend with diphthongs ow and ou

(ow as in owl, ou as in out)



Theme: Life in the Desert

Story: Dig Wait Listen; A Desert Toad’s Tale

Genre: Informational Story: gives facts about a topic

Comprehension Strategy Skill: Summarize/Author’s Purpose

Vocabulary Story: The Coatis of the Sonora Desert

Vocabulary: burrow, ranger’s, warning, distant, beyond, lengthy

Vocabulary Strategy: Use Context Clues: Possessives

Test: Comprehension and Vocabulary, Thursday 1/17


Language Arts

Unit 3-Verbs pp. 148-155

Past-Tense Verbs, The Verb Have, Combining Sentences: Verbs, Commas in Dates,

Test: Friday, January 18th pp. 148-155



Practice cursive letter formations and spacing


Continue double digit addition with and without regrouping

Review Tens and Ones

Add Tens and Ones

Test: Thursday, January 17th (previously learned concepts

with 2-digit addition without regrouping)

Social Studies

Unit 4- Lesson 5, Lesson 6, Lesson 7

Words to know –factory, trade, technology

Geography Skills: Following Routes on a Map

Test: Wednesday, January 16th



Living and Non- Living Things; Desert Habitat and animals (Reading)

Test: No Test



Jan. 7th – Return to School/3rd Quarter Begins

Jan. 21st- No School

Feb. 1st – 2nd Grade Bake Sale

Feb. 28th –Field Trip to Saenger Theater (The Super Scientific Circus)