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Goal Sheet 

Second Grade Goal Sheet

Week of April 22-26



Bible Story: Lesson 27: Remembering What God Has Done & Lesson 28: More Grumbling

Bible Verse: This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the

world that we might live through him. 1John 4:9

Vocabulary: bitter, murmur, cast, palm tree, manna, quail, Sabbath

Character Trait: patience, contentment, thankfulness

Test: Thursday, May 2nd


1.       shook

2.       hook

3.       brook

4.       stood

5.       soot

6.       crook

7.       foot

8.       could

9.       should

10.    clerk

11.    during

12.    whole

13.    would

14.    stir

15.    sure

16.    conservation

17.    remains

18.    trouble

19.    extinct

20.    hardest

Test on Friday April 26th



short ou as in would

short oo as in foot



Theme: The World Around Us

Story: A Way to Help Planet Earth

Genre: A Nonfiction Article gives information about real people, things, or


Strategy Skill: Ask questions; Description-gives information about what

something is like.

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues/Comparatives and Superlatives

Vocabulary: conservation, remains, trouble, extinct, hardest, recycle

Test: Friday, April 26th


Language Arts

Pronoun-Verb Agreement            

Possessive Pronouns    

Contractions: pronoun and verb

Mechanics and Usage: Review Contractions and Possessive Pronouns

Review: Homophones

Test: Unit 5 Test, Tuesday April 30




Cursive Letter Formations




Spiral Review


Focus on: Measuring


TEST: Thursday, April 25th (Previously Taught Concepts)






Chapter 10: Changes in Matter


Lesson 1: Matter Changes; Lesson 2: Changes of State;


Lesson 3: Mixtures


TEST: Thursday, May 2nd




April 15th-19th Spring Break (No School/Daycare Available)

April 22nd-26th Cross Country Clinic

April 26th Second Grade Bake Sale

May 3rd May Day

May 7th Middle School Drama Play

May 9th Spring Musical @ 6:30

May 17th End of the Year Field Trip to the Zoo


Pre-registrations for the 2018-2019

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