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Ms.  Sharee  Romine
Middle School English/Language Arts/Study Skills
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Subjects Taught
6th Language Arts, 7th Language Arts, 8th Bible, 8th Language Arts


     In 1987, I graduated from Corner High School in my "one flashing light" small community.  From there, I packed my little car with my belongings and headed five hours from home to what was then Mobile College.  In the next four years, I earned a BA in English and a minor in Psychology - graduating in 1991.  Currently, I am working toward my MA in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.  On a side note, both of my boys attend what is now The University of Mobile.  One graduated last year with a BA in Worship Leadership and is pursuing his MA this year.  The other is a junior also in Worship Leadership.  It has been surreal to watch them have some of the very same experiences that I remember.  All-in-all, I enjoy education at all levels and will probably continue my graduate work with the goal of earning a doctorate.


     My first classroom was in a basement.  It was equipped with a "huge" chalkboard that Santa brought, two antique desks from my granddaddy, extra worksheets and old text books provided by my teachers, and two students - one fabulous and one just plain bad.  Both invisible.  There, dressed in my mother's old clothes and Sunday high-heels, I began teaching with all my heart.  Even though my chalkboard has been replaced with a smart board, my worksheets are online, and my students are real, I am still teaching with that same heart and love for this way of life I have chosen.  This will be my nineteenth year.  Teaching English is my love, but I have also ventured out with social studies, science, health, speech, Bible, ACT prep, and creative writing.  Plus, I enjoyed a year of 3rd grade and a year of 4th grade!  I truly believe teaching is my calling in life, and I would not do anything else.  Thank you for giving me the privilege of investing in your child!


     The Romine family was established in 1991.  My husband, Phil, is an amazing man and my gift from the Lord.  He is a Worship Pastor at Wade Baptist Church in Mississippi.  Our oldest son, Garrett, just graduated from The University of Mobile with a degree in Worship Leadership and will be pursuing his MA this fall.  Brady, the baby, is a junior at The University of Mobile also majoring in Worship Leadership.  As a ministry family, we have moved several times and called numerous places "home".  Through it all, we learned that "home" is about each other - not the place.  I am blessed beyond measure.  God is good, all the time!