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Christian, Carmen Financial Secretary
Finch, Kim School Secretary
Lynd, Misty Cafeteria Manager
Presnell, Theresa Receptionist
Reed, Christopher Headmaster

Bell, Teresa 1st
Breedlove, Lisa Librarian
Daw, Shaina K4
Douglas, Emilee K-3
Finch, Kim School Secretary
Heronmine, Meleana Yearbook
Johnson, Betty K-3
Jones, April K-5
Jones, Kellie 2nd
March, Sabrina K-4
Mauldin, Bonnie K-4
Meaux, Aimee Middle School Mathematics
Odom, Bobbie K-4
Payne, Margaret 3rd
Peacock, Geri 3rd
Peoples, Sarah PE Teacher
Reed, Christopher Headmaster
Ritchie, Angela Middle School Science/Electives
Romine, Sharee Middle School English/Language Arts/Study Skills
Rouss, Allison K-5
Skidmore, Cassie 2nd
Stacey, Danielle 5th Grade Homeroom and 4th and 5th Math and Science
Threadgill, Amber Middle School History/Computer
Trawick, Karen 4th Grade Homeroom and 4th and 5th Grade Language Arts and History
Vaughn, Logan Music

Pierce, Hayley PE Aide/Cheerleading Coach