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  About The School  

Where we have come from...

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North Mobile Christian School had its beginning at First Baptist Church in Chickasaw. The School began in 1978 with just 14 students as a ministry for our church. Mrs. Mary Dean Sikes, former Principal, was the first K-5 teacher. The school has grown to enroll as many as 400 students.

Where we are going...

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It is the mission of North Mobile Christian School to enable students to honor God in their spiritual, academic, social, and personal development through Christian education based on a Biblical worldview.




These values will provide a firm foundation for our school:


1. We value the Bible, the Word of God, as our foundation in life and daily studies.


2. We value Christian administration, faculty, and staff modeling Christian living.


3. We value Christ-centered leadership in all programs of the school.


4. We value high academic standards, which are maintained and reviewed regularly, by both internal and external evaluations (including AISA and SACS Accreditation).


5. We value offering our students a chance to excel academically and fully prepare them for further education.


6. We value sending forth students as missionaries armed with a sound Christian worldview into the various institutions they will attend after NMCS.




North Mobile Christian School teachers will help their students achieve academic excellence, to the best of their God-given ability, in all core subjects, technology, and writing. Teachers will prepare students to advance to the next educational level, challenging them to be socially responsible by exposing them to Biblical training and to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior daily.